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Self-Directed Courses

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Learn practical tools to help you engage with skill and openness, express yourself clearly, create space for others, and unlock the power of connection in your own life and beyond.

Master the skills that create strong relationships, thriving collaborations, and enliven everyone around you.

Three self-paced courses in one comprehensive online program. Sharpen your skills. Expand your capabilities. Boost your confidence.

A guided, step-by-step approach for developing the skills that create and cultivate a truly inclusive culture.

By learning the skills that foster both sameness and difference as healthy, conscious dynamics in your organization, you will be equipped to address inequity and unhealthy power dynamics at their roots.

A recorded teaching, discussion, and practice opportunity for exploring perspectives related to the cultural phenomenon of the #MeToo movement.

  • Refine and improve your listening skills.
  • Learn how to navigate through divergent perspectives and disagreement.
  • Become more confident to take risks in challenging conversations.