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#EnoughisEnough: An Integral Conversation About Overcoming Racism in America

Dear Friends,

This is an invitation to join me for:

#EnoughisEnough: An Integral Conversation About Overcoming Racism in America
with Special Guests Greg Thomas, Mark Palmer, and Gabriel Wilson.
On Integral Justice Warrior, a webinar hosted by Diane Musho Hamilton, Rob McNamara, and Corey deVos.
Sunday, June 7th, 3 pm MT

In light of the recent violent deaths of three black Americans — Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd — at the hands of current and former police officers in the United States, the June 7th edition of Integral Justice Warrior features special guests Greg Thomas, Mark Palmer and Gabriel Wilson to deepen our discussion of race and racism, and how we as Integralists can contribute to change by becoming powerful anti-racists in our own circles of influence. 

This is an imperative and pressing need for the future well-being of our culture. And while this conversation will be primarily looking at this problem in the context of American racial violence and injustice, it will surely have relevance to our global integral audience.

The Integral community includes tens and even hundreds of thousands of people all across the globe — but, due to something we might call “developmental privilege”, remains predominately white. In this conversation we will be joined by three prominent black integralists: Greg Thomas, Mark Palmer, and Gabriel Wilson, each of whom are Integral consultants, writers, and coaches, and who have important perspectives on this urgent issue that concerns us all.  

We will discuss ideas central to anti-racism work like white fragility and social privilege, and we will include Integral insights like the dangers of ethno-centrism, the role of emotions and emotional maturity in anti-racism work, and the advantages of inhabiting multiple perspectives to inform better action. We will look at immediate and long-term actions through the four quadrants so we can contribute effectively to positive changes in culture — individually, collectively, in our hearts and in our institutions and systems — to realize our Integral longing for racial justice. 

I look forward to this vital, timely, and important conversation and hope you will join me.

With gratitude,

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