Diane Hamilton is a gifted consultant, mediator, and group facilitator. She is a core faculty member of Integral Institute and has been leading retreats, programs and workshops in deepening individual and collective self-awareness for more than a decade.  With an incisive mind, compassionate heart, uncompromising authenticity, crystal clear insight and deeply empathic approach to facilitating human opening, Diane brings a presence and possibility for learning that is rare.  

Diane works with consummate ease in a variety of personal and organizational settings, corporations and spiritual communities alike. Her deep interest and facility with exploring the human shadow and what is hidden from our consciousness is both illuminating and supportive of genuine self-reflection.

Diane herself is a practice in fearlessness, in compassion, and in seeing the wisdom in all situations and greeting them with a joyous mind.  She can help you, your group or organization:

  1. Engage difficult conversations

  2. Access greater perspectives

  3. Overcome and integrate obstacles

  4. Make supportive agreements

Diane is formerly the Director of the Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution for the Utah State Courts and received the Judicial Administration Award, Friend of the Court, the Peter W. Billings Award from the Utah State Bar, and the Utah Council on Conflict Resolution Peacekeeper Award. She has mediated many kinds of legal disputes and transactions from divorces, probate, employment, contracts, governmental, and multi-party negotiations.

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